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My 10 year old daughter was having trouble memorizing multiplication tables.  I heard about the Cipher Quick Math Game from a friend who strongly recommended purchasing the math kit.  Within the first few days of playing the games, my daughter’s skills improved.  She now knows her multiplication tables and she is doing division.  Thanks for making such an awesome game!
Vanessa M. / School Teacher 

I’m always looking for new and exciting math games for my grand-kids.  I was totally blown away with the number of different games we can play.  I probably enjoy playing more than they do because it keeps my math skills sharp.  I have noticed all of our math skills improving.
Laura N. / Educational Coordinator

The Cipher Quest Adventure “First Contact” is an amazing story.  I like the way the plot unfolds showing that with a little imagination and hard work, anything is possible.  I can’t wait for the next adventure book.  Keep up the good work!
Maxine T. / Parent

Math wasn’t my favorite subject in school.  As a result, I never played many math games.  My 8 year old son brought home a flyer about a Math Game Night at his school.  We played Cipher Quick Math Cards and I loved every minute.  I actually like playing this game because it forces you to figure out the right answers to collect points.  I wish this game was around when I was in school!
James F. / Social Worker


I always considered myself fairly good in math.  My grand-kids asked if I wanted to play a challenging math card game.  I said yes and then we played the game option using addition and division only!  I had so much fun (even though I lost!).  This is a great game!
Richard H. / Grandparent
Chicago, IL


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