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With the help of educators and parents, these products are designed to make learning math concepts of all skill levels fun and easy to use!


Cipher Quick Math Card Game

This popular card game has had tremendous success improving the confidence and math skills of children ages 4 and up! The secret is creating a fun experience where players compete to solve problems, testing themselves without even knowing it! Before kids know it they’re solving counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Over 100 different card game options to choose from. 


Cipher Quick Adventures Story Book

This interactive picture storybook follows the story of Christopher, a young man who’s curiosity leads him to the discover of wonders beyond his imagination! The book is a great learning tool for children ages 5 and up, and offers challenging problems that follow the interactive storyline. A must have for kids who enjoy reading! 

Cipher Quick Adventures Coloring Book

This is the perfect complement to the Cipher Quick Adventures Coloring Book.  By combining the use of the creative mind and analytical processes, the Picture Math coloring book is perfect for children who learn best with the use of visual aids!


Cipher Quick Math Kit                                       

Get the most value and the best results with the Cipher Quick Math Kit! Kit includes all of our most effective tools and games, including the popular Cipher Quick Math Card Game, the Cipher Quick Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division Board with Dry Erase Marker, and Cipher Quick Problem Dice! Use the kit to cater to any skill level and see results in no time! 

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