Terry Burton was raised in Saint Louis, Missouri.  Growing up he liked to tinker with items by taking them apart and trying to put them back together correctly. He attended St. Louis Public Schools from kindergarten through high school. In grade school, he was very athletic and enjoyed school very much! A report card from the third grade had the equivalent of mostly all A’s or (E for excellent) and two B’s (G for good). The teacher wrote in the comment section “he could do a lot better”. Not knowing what to think of the comment he worked to do better. The next year made all E’s and one G and again received another comment from a different teacher “Terry could do a lot better if he applied myself”! The only thing Terry remembered was being very shy and did not like having a lot of attention! Could not wanting a lot of attention have something to do with the comments?

In high school he always had an interest in math, science, and discovering how things worked. He made mostly A’s and B’s in school but was also told by a few teachers he did not apply himself.  He attended St. Louis College of Pharmacy  has been practicing pharmacy for over 30 years. He enjoys golf, playing pool, fishing, bowling, and basketball. He met his wife, Cathy, in 1980. They have four daughters.

In the 1990’s, one of his daughters was in first grade and brought home math papers marked with grades of 100 % correct. Upon closer inspection, his wife Cathy noticed all of the problems were incorrect. They spoke with the teacher and were told the students had graded each others papers. They informed the teacher the problems were not correct and to their astonishment, the teacher wasn’t concerned. She said the kids were just having fun and eventually they would learn. The principal did not see a problem with this situation and also mentioned the kids were just having fun! Their daughter knew how to count but said she just wrote down any answer because she would get 100 % from the other students on her papers.

The same day Terry went to a teacher supply store looking for math products that would teach kids progressively from kindergarten through 6th grade. He could not find such items and decided to create his own. He wanted to make sure the basic math skills could be taught in fun and easy to learn methods. Terry created the Cipher Quick Addition / Subtraction Boards and Cipher Quick Multiplication / Division Board. Soon afterwards he developed Cipher Quick Math Card Game. Over the years the Cipher Quick Math Workbooks, Big Step Math Card Game specifically designed for preschoolers focusing on numbers 0 through 20, Big Step Addition / Subtraction Math Board numbers 0 through 20, Cipher Quest Math Board Game, Cipher Quest Adventure Storybook, Cipher Quest Coloring book, Math Characters, and many more products.

He has dedicated himself to create products to help kids have fun while learning math. His family has grown up playing the games and using the products. Special thanks to the family, friends, parents, and teachers who supported Terry throughout this very important journey as he continues to apply himself.