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From the moment that we realized that our daughter was having problems with math in the first grade, we have been on the search for math manipulatives that would:


  • Progressively illustrate math concepts from preschool through 5th grade and beyond

  • Utilize fun and easy to learn methods                                

  • Easily be taught by parents and teachers

  • Regularly be used at home and school

I couldn't find any of these math manipulatives, so over the years I developed my own


Our search brought us to the development of the Picture Math mission which is to:

  • enhance children’s analytical skill in mathematics

  • have everyone, especially children to explore the exciting world of numbers and discover math is fun and easy to learn


The goal is to make math fun, assist students to explore and understand math, and improve math scores for students by using different math manipulatives.

The promise is through our program, the child is given the tools needed to succeed in their math journey. 

Our Goals or Objectives are to reinforce “Traditional Math” with Cipher Quick Analytical Math Techniques. 

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